West Branch, MI


When time and weather turns your treasures to grey, it's time to call Extreme Clean to help breathe new life back into the things you love.  

We are a professional power washing service - fully licensed and insured and have the right equipment and materials to clean almost anything.  From roofs and siding to RVs, campers and boats, Extreme Clean is the one to call for same day results.  

We're ready to help clean your:
  • Homes:  Siding and Roofing
  • Patios and Decks:  brick, concrete, wood, pavers... and patio furniture from metal to plastic to wood
  • Recreational Equipment:  boats, jet-skis, ATVs and 4-wheelers, campers and RVs
  • Equipment: all your hard working machinery
Call us for your free estimate today at 989.941.4370. We'll go over your home with you and explain our cleaning process for each area, identify potential trouble spots that need repair, and provide you with an estimate that will get your home looking fabulous again.

And, to make things more convenient, we are partnered with Fransee Seamless Gutters and Exteriors, a licensed and insured local contractor who can perform any necessary repairs for a reasonable price.