West Branch, MI


Most home owners do not realize that roofs can be cleaned... and Extreme Clean are experts at roof rehabilitation!

Roof stains are caused by algae or mold which feed on the limestone in the shingles.  These molds and algae spread down the roofs and can even seep inside and cause indoor mold and allergy problems.  Unfortunately, not even the cold of winter can kill the mold and algae - it simply goes dormant until the weather turns nicer in the Spring and then starts to grow again.

Algae growth loosens the granules in the singles which causes granule loss and dramatically shortens the life of your roof.

Extreme Clean can clean any type of roof. We do not use pressure washing when we clean, which can loosen shingles even further... we use a special 'soft wash' technique which removes mold and algae in a gentle manner and causing the least amount of damage to your shingles.